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New zero-rate vehicle tax for least polluting cars

Good news for lobsters and other aquatic creatures as Gordon Brown announces that lobster-cars will be zero rated for tax.

Other news:

Liberal Democrats in Watford have declared they are going to make transport a major battleground, and have taken to the ring-road in their new banana bus.

If you are going to insist on driving that car around, Lobster, then I think you should be made to pay a higher rate of tax. :-))

Will the neighbours approve?

Not wishing to hurt your feeling but don't you think something perhaps a little more subtle. :-)

Excellent pics!
Nice to see you back ,by the way, and I like your new car. :-)
There used to be a white lobster pick up truck with a lobster JUST like that one here is the Sarasota area!! I wish I had a picture of it
Greetings from banacrat repuberlick meester lobster.
Kat, I would willingly pay more tax except I am very shellfish.

My neighbours all moved out years ago so I don't think they would mind too much. I have been in hiding recently, so I have been working on my subtle side. However I was recently flushed out of hiding by the Assistant Leader of the Banana People - I reckon I am going to need the car in future for fast get-aways up the M1.

(PS thanks for the kind words too)

Scari, as the world's only lobster focussed search engine I shall accept your challenge and track down a picture of the lobster truck for you. Please accept my apologies in advance though, as we are not generally quite as quick as other search engines here.

GW - likewise. Any luck with your recycling box lid problem yet?
Hey Lobster! Long time no type old son! How are you?

Pax tecum,

The Cavalier
THAT is incredible! :)
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