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Many humans have been writing in, asking how they can make their mobile phones more lobstery. Here's how.

A simple cover and now everyone on the train or in the crowded bar will think you are chatting with a lobster.

This will instantly put an end to all those "who were talking to on the phone" type conversations - suddenly it will be "I like your lobster!" and "Where can I get one?" Lobster phones are available from most good aquatic cellphone stockists.
Ah! Makes a mobile into a shell phone!

I saw one of these on Nighty Night I think.
was just thinking the other day "I really need a mobile phone that looks like a lobster ,it'll improve reception and, more importantly, my street cred" .Thank you so much for alerting me to this.
Well, this still leaves me wondering if the lobster has his own human cellphone, too? I have two cellphones one of which I now might as well transform into a lobster phone.
Ha!! That's kewl!! LOL
I love it! :)
:-) Well I am sorry Lobster, but I have to draw the line at these. There is no way I am pulling one of these things out of my handbag or brief case. :-)
Lobster, I give you my word that at lunchtime, I shall scour the shops in the good town of Banbury to track one of these down.
The other advocates of public transport will be deeply impressed by its beady eyes and glowing orange fur.
And come the icy days of winter, my lobster will keep an ear warm. Splendid.
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Kat. it's better than pulling crabs out of your knickers.
I don't think I will comment, GW. :-)
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Mr. Lobster, I assume you are quite busy these days?

You haven't posted in a while.

I hope everything is going wonderful for you! :)
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Lobster Blogster,

I have personally captured and eaten many of your relatives along the cost of Marshfield MA USA. Sorry about that but your species is delicious.

Fishermans Log - Green Harbor MA

PS. Your better with butter.
Hi Lobster,
I think you should do this quiz
since I am really curious which things attract you to human beings ...and other stuff...
Ok what's happening!? Did you and Future Mrs. Lobster run off and get married? Are you honeymooning? Did the baiters catch you?!
I think the lobster slayer's got him.
Either that or parking his humvee on the pavement has gotten him into hot water, and you know how lobsters hate that!
Where, oh where has the lobster gone? Oh Where, oh where can he be?
Are yer coming back Lobster?
I miss the Lobster.
He is so wise (sniff)...
I thought you might like to see what we do with your kind where I come from ...
New England Lobster Bisque
...Make that
New England Lobster Bisque

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