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Leading Watford Liberal Outs Himself

Leading Lib Dem allowances and expenses claimant Councillor Derek Scudder has written to the paper this week to out himself and make the extraordinary claim that he is very important. He says:

In fact, the deputy mayor is me.

The Scudder household is of course one of only four in the Watford area that is entitled to "double bubble" when it comes to the very generous allowances and expenses that can be claimed by Watford councillors. Now that Mr Scudder has cleared up the confusion, he will be able to make a full claim from the Watford council tax-payer.

Lobster Blogster is at this very moment scrabbling through back-numbers of the Watford Observer, in the hope of uncovering how much he has been claiming. Unfortunately Derek forgot to include the exact figures in his letter.
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