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Queso Caliente, Woks and Boggits

At last Lobster Blogster is able to complete the international greetings, so that bloggers the world over are able to converse freely in all the human tongues. It's also quite amazing to consider how many different cultures are picking up on the fact that Aussies are being taught a bit of lesson on how to play cricket at the moment. Many thanks to a kindly gentleman known as Ed who supplied the following:

Slovenia - Zivjo!
Thailand - Sawaddee Krap/Kra (depending on male or female speaking)
Sweden - Skål
Bulgarian - Австралийците изгубват крикетът отново
Serbian - JA vidjeti taj određeni član Australac izgubljen određeni član cricket igra opet
Spanish - Buenos dias. Quiero una queso caliente, por favor.


Other news

The wok-loving human known as Dan now reports that a successful expedition was launched from the Bricket Wood area to retrieve his asian cooking utensils. Bloggers around the world can now stand down from further duties with respect to this matter. The reputation of inn-keepers in Nant Peris is intact and so this is truly a good news story in which all can rejoice.

In passing, it's a little known fact that people from Bricket Wood are known as "Boggits". Lobster Blogster wonders if any human bloggers know the origin of this name.
lobsters in my house...
Lobsters in NYC
Lobster Blogster wonders if any human bloggers know the origin of this name.

I don't know, Lobster. I give up. In any case you are the search engine so you tell me. It's a question so I am asking it. 'What is the origin of the name 'Boggit'

I'm glad the pub has been cleared even though I thought they were the prime suspects. :-)
I don't know why but the subject headings on your blog all look arabic or something to me. It's been like that for a while now. At least I can read the posts though :)
Aha, the lobster invasion of planet earth continues. There seem to be lobsters everywhere apart from in the sea.

Kat, thank you for putting so much faith in this particular aquatic search engine. We are only at the experimental phase at this stage and so our knowledge is not absolute just yet. In any case we work on a kind of "slow response" basis where we sort of hope someone will chance by with the right answer. We do also tend to get a lot of wrong answers as well though.

EchoMouse, I'm impressed that you can make any sense of it at all. You give the impression that you were once able to read the subject headings, which makes you a five star reader to start with. I always thought you would be the one to watch out for. And the cheese is not safe either ...

Oh, yes. I was going to mention that "queso caliente" means "hot cheese". Careful or you will burn your little paws.
LOL Ok I was SURE I could read them at one time.... couldn't I? Are you telling me that you've got them written that way on purpose and i'm the only one who didn't know??? LOL

Figures. It's the wee mouse brain I tell ya. At least I know why now.... I think.
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