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Nothing much has happened ...

Not too much has been happening in Lobsterland, so Lobster Blogster has been very quiet lately. We will of course keep you posted when something interesting does happen, and bring you the news as soon as possible.

In the meantime, happy blogging :o)
Oh, so you are around then. ;-)

Why not post from a meme if you are looking for a subject?

Choose from:
1> What's in your wallet?
2> 4 minutes East....
3> What Mr. Men would you have a tattoo of, where and why?
4> cliff/shag/hold
5> some other [tag].

Oh, and if you have your digital camera, take a look at the old sandwich shop on St. Johns Road (Southern section) underneath the Dental repairs shop (my favourite! It was featured in the last edition of That's Life with Esther Rants-on). There's a comment about 7/7 scrawled in marker pen on the glass there.
I've been seeing Lobsteres everywhere lately.
There's 2 very large inflatable lobsters on a sign near here, and my kid bought a stuffed toy lobster in Bermuda....everywhere I go I see reminders of you! heh

1) Not much
2) Err, you've lost me here
3) No tattoos I'm afraid. It's not really me.
4) Cliff-hanger/shag-pile/hold your horses
5) No sorry, you've lost me again.

Visited the old sandwich shop as requested but I didn't have a camera with me, just a drinking buddy and a skinful of ale. Bit worried that the 7/7 thing will start some sort of fatwa so will avoid with proverbial bargepole.

My mate did suggest however that you could borrow those big red bags from the Junction lights and just "red-bag" your own set of traffic lights sometime, if they get annoying.

Also have you ever studied the cycling signs in Woodford Road? I particularly like the one that says that the town centre is one mile away in the direction of Langley Road, but then correctly points towards the Junction station (its the huge great big building with trains in it if you've never spotted it before).

Hi Scary, lobsters are becoming increasingly important to human society, as you begin to realise that your land-based values are flawed, and search for something deeper, like the sea.
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