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Book Tag Thing

Tagged by Pal and GW

1. Number of books I have owned:

Millions? Probably not. A lot I suppose. Funny how you can never get rid of them. Having a load of books hanging around is a good way to look brainy.

2. Last book I bought:

The Dream by Emile Zola is as yet unread. Also bought The Daily Mail Sodoku Collection as a gift for a man who sits outside a building called Plantation Place in Fenchurch Street. Must check if the security guard ever passed it on to him.

3. Last book I completed:

Yikes, this question is too hard. I usually read about five different books at a time and almost never get to the end before starting another one. Bill Bryson's a Short History of Almost Everything springs to mind as one I did finish, but I have no idea if the title is correct or not.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:

Too hard again. I have one on Walking Meditation which is very good because it is very short. I'm getting a bit fed up with this whole list thing now. Is it some sort of American thing? I find the whole idea a bit alien and dreary.

5. Which five bloggers are you gonna tag?

No, no too much! Ok I am a wet blanket. I couldn't inflict this sort of death sentence on another blogger. I like books and libraries, but writing within the confines of such a limited form is awful. If you like doing this sort of stuff well just go off and do it anyway ...
At least you tried :-) I think I could change my 5 favourite books more or less every day, it's very hard to just whittle it down to 5.

How's the future Mrs. L? I haven't seen her around for a while.
I'm a book lover.

And even I - would have a difficult time answering all of those questions!

I usually read several books at a time too, like you.
Yea the lists irritate me too. Occasionally I'll do one, depending on who asked for it in the first place. I just did one today when I would have rather blogged on something else.

Matter of fact, I think I *will* blog on that something else anyway. It's burning a hole in my wee brain.
Gosh, for a mouse you can be quite scary, EchoMouse.

Colleen, thank you for gracing Lobster Blogster with your presence. I understand the charming Mr Bush is having an aquatic related problem. Will you pass on the good wishes of the Marine Kingdom, the next time you have tea and biscuits?

(Ok, ok. There's absolutely nothing funny happening to those poor people in Louisianna and surrounds. But doesn't it tickle anyone else that old petrol head George W is getting into deep do-do because of a natural disaster?)

My Lobster bride is in good health, Pal, I have passed on your comment in the hope that she may blog again soon.
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