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The Lobster is Back!

Hi Folks!

Sorry its been so long since I last posted. The Lobster has been on many adventures including paddling off the south-west coast of Ireland and wrestling with railway sleepers in the garden of his dry-land paradise (thinks: must put a photo up on the spud-cam). In these times of heightened security please remember to be ever vigilant of Banana People (see identikit picture top left).

Thank you for all your comments over the past few weeks. They are all greatly appreciated and I will try to pop along to to your respective blogs over the next few days. Just in case anyone has forgotten what a lobster looks like, I'll stick my portrait on the end here,

Lobster Blogster

Well hello Lobster! I've been to the south west coast of Ireland many times. Did you enjoy it?
Thank goodness you're back lobster. I needed to ask, are there lobsters in the River Gade in the watercress beds? Or are they crayfish?
You will have to be patient GW. This is a very slow search engine. (In the last few weeks it grinded to a complete halt. :-)) )
Good to see you back! Glad you had a nice time.

But what's up with those banana people?!
Sounds like some heavenly travelling :) I'm jealous. My little legs could never get me as far as that.

Glad you're back safe and sound. I'm all for the LobsterCam so....whenever you want to get that going.... lol
Goodness, its been ages.... great to see you around again.

Is Cork south west Ireland? I quite fancy going to the races there, have you ever done that?
Hurrah! You're back! -grin-
Welcome back!

Nice portrait btw :)
He ain't back. I reckon that was a lobster imposter.
Looks like we are going to have to start a new search all on our own. Perhaps we could run a little movie alongside it - 'Finding Lobster'. We could all be sea creatures. I wanna be a turtle. What would you like to be and why?

I couldn't be anything little cos I'd get eaten and I wouldn't like that.
Oh, can I be a sting-ray?
I played with some in a pool at Brighton Aquarium once...when you stroke them they bounce on their tails!
If you wanna bounce around excitedly, Abs, that's quite alright by me. :-)

(They have some sting-rays in the touch pool at our local aquarium and yes, they are very friendly creatures.)

Of course, we are going to have to come up with a search strategy to find Lobster.
I live near him. I'll have to print up some posters. Hang on. I have a mate near here too on Flikr. I'll get him on board.
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We could have a 'Design a Poster' competition. :-))

Putting up posters could be fun. Imagine Lobster walking down the street and seeing posters of himself on the lampposts. :-D
He will be the only person who knows it is him and everyone else will wonder what the hell it is all about. I can imagine people continuing to look over their shoulders, at the posters, as they walk along and then inadvertently walking into the next lamppost.
Sorry - too many typos in the last post I couldn't live with it. :-)
I'm already recruiting some help for that little campaign...
Ah, glad to see you're back - it's been a long time since I last landed in Lobster-land!

Welcome back to Watford, Hertfordshire - God's own county, as you know. I shall be visiting from my palatial London student existence this weekend, and look forward to seeing... er, trees.

Pax tecum,

The Cavalier

How do you make a picture an HTML luink as well? I want to put the 'Watford Blog Council' thing on my blog template, but making it a link...?)
There should have been a 'P.S.' there. Ah! I'm such a retard today.
To link from an image
PS. If you want to link to another web site or blog, you have to put the full website address including the http:// in the first lot of quotation marks.
lobster I hope you have been eating well but not turned into a blobster.
Chuck McGee
25/7 News Corporation

So, what's your plan Lobster? Hiding out during winter? Preparing for the big new home reveal with the spring arrives? Darting those fishing nets?

Let us know!!! ;)
Gone south for the winter I guess.
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Hello long lost Lobster! So good to see you back. :)

Glad to hear you've had some wonderful travels!
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