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It's OK - they are only Flowerpot Men

Flowerpot men are seen here guarding a local herb garden. Don't worry they are quite harmless and won't hurt you. These ones are especially good gardeners because they have green fingers.

It looks like the warm weather will soon come to an end because they are wearing wellingtons.

Flowerpot song
See now those would make a great home for a little critter like me. Wish someone would make them in my neck of the woods!
Oh, I like!
I also believe they are making a come-back on children's TV...but I could be wrong about that, having to be at work all day. And Muffin the Mule.
Mother should be delighted. Between them she should be fully occupied until I return home in the evenings...
Muffin the Mule is illegal in this country.
What, no Little Weed ! :-)
They are kind of cute, but for some reason they scare me!
A little weed also is illegal in this country.
A lot of weed is also illegal and can get you banged up for 5 years.
Ha! Doncha mean bhanged up!! ;-)
speaking of weed....those are the truest "pot heads" I've ever seen ;)
That's a great story. Waiting for more. Lifegaurd swimsuits
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