събота, август 27


Greetings in almost every language

Is Thailand currently banning visitors?? ;)

Anyway....Greetings from the Leaf People...lolol

Actually, you're more likely to hear "Good day eh!?" followed quickly by "want a beer?"
Ok, the German greeting makes no sense at all unless you take into account stupid babelfish who apparently mixes up left (links) and left (übrig).
And I could imagine we are more into beer and sausage than into rice crispies...*lol*
Ich will ein weizen und weisswurst bitte (but only before midday - after that it'd have to be a helles I think)
LOL at America's :) And I would have thought that the Australian and New Zealand would be the other way around... or is that a joke about how people get them mixed up all the time?

Figure Germans would just say "Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend". Unless Gotuen Abend is actually a rud ehting to say, could never remember... I say 'Have a good evening' upon leaving... but, I think if you say 'Guten Abend' when leaving then it comes across as rude/abrupt. Just my guessing though... never been to Germany :)
Very funny indeed!

Another American version could be "Yo, dude!"

(But only in the state of California)

Leaf people? Heh heh. I agree with Echo Mouse. Also, there would probably be at least one please, thank you, and sorry in there somewhere.
Mr. Lobster,

Your red friends have invaded my blog!
Do you really think that only 16 languages make up for "almost every language"?
Hope you're just on holiday have a fabulous time and that everything is ok :)
Hi EchoMouse, I have been holidaying over at Colleen's blog, which is lobsterfriendly.

I also took a look at Möbius' blog, hoping to find a multilingual delight, but its just another Englishman based in Blackpool. Still he does seem to like Gorrilla Bananas, who firmly belongs in Nogbad's blogzoo.
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