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Calling All Bloggers

A mysterious organisation (organization) known only as "Hemel Hempstead Explorer Scouts" has got in touch with an emergency request of the highest importance.

Missing: two woks
Last seen: the pub in Nant Peris, Snowdonia
Return to: Dan

If anyone can help with this can they please get in touch pronto. This is exactly the sort of mission a lobster focused search engine was designed to do.
Check the pub menu. If they have suddenly started serving Chinese meals you will know what has happened to them. :-)

What were the scouts doing in the pub anyway and why did they have their woks with them?
Thanks for the Americaniszation of that word... I mean... I was totally lost trying to figure out what you were talking about until you put that in.

I think, in the intereszt of national goddwill, we szhould start recogniszing what makes us szpecial and uniwue, and work towardsz szome way of harmoniszing.

No szensze writing a word two different waysz when we can just mutually usze both lettersz.
szorry... I Accidentally Americaniszed Loszt, wasz usz and thanksz... thisz may take szome time to get uszed to. asz well as miszszpelled (or isz that misszzpelled) good... ah well...
Ooops. Looks like Inner Fonzie's craps lock key is on.
Slave labour? Scouts aren't old enough to be paid minimum wage, after all...
Good one Kat, great comment which made me smile. Fonzie, I always try to make my guests feel at home, even Americanz. (What language are you using by the way, it looks a lot like Polish.)

GW and Abs thanks for you pithy interventions too. Dan got in touch and asked who I am, as if a lobster focused search engine enthusiast was not specific enough :o)
Craps Lock key... I like that! :)

Lobster: Now that you mentionit, it does look a bit like czech...
Or like you've got a bee up your nose!
I possess 2 woks, one of which is almost never used. If you post a comment on my blog (no one ever posts there), I might let you have a look or even cook in those woks. :P
What a great site » »
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