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UK awaits bird flu test results

The lobster got a little bit bored awaiting bird flu test results, so he looked up "Banana Fever" instead, and came across the following:

It shouldn't need saying, but here goes anyway: "Keep off those bananas!"


Hiya Lobster!

Bird flu...
Is it terribly stupid that I don't get it?

'Course...I suppose if I have to ask...yep it's pretty stupid. Sigh. I want a lobster brain in my next life! Mouse brains are for kids!
No EchoMouse, you're not stupid at all. Canadian maybe, but you surely can't help that :)

Its just a little sequence of lobster puns or obsessions that might tickle a UK human, but go right past a north american rodent. I can't really get into explaining jokes, but its great to see you drop by again.
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