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The Tao of Andy Wylie

All around the world there are hundreds of humans called Andy Wylie. But also, mysteriously, there is only one Andy Wylie. When he speaks, the world listens.

Today, the words of Andy Wylie are:

Finding a place to park in Watford can be very frustrating.
These signs will give visitors to the town advance parking information and hopefully cut down on the delays they experience.

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Lobster. Are you familiar with TAGGING, where you visit someone's 'blog and pass on an instruction?
I'm going to start one where you drive 4 minutes due East and snap a picture of whatever is there.
If you don't drive, then I've worked out that at 20mph (rough urban car speed around clear roads in Watford) it means a distance of 2146m or 1.3333 miles.

God (FSM/CP) help anyone who lives on the East coast!
The car park looks empty to me, Lobster. I would be happy to head towards it. If I could find it, that is.
Good idea GW, lobsters and other marine creatures will happily cover the east coast onwards.

Get there quick, believe it or not the Lib Dems have this earmarked for a massive housing scheme.
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