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Six x Sevens Are?

Eighty-four half sized Presidents popped round the other day,
good job I had enough ladderspace ...
... and that they were all prepared to squeeze in.

Umm... do you collect American Presidents? Aren't those dolls from Russia? Aren't you in the UK?

What's going on here? Don't they float?

What's a lobster doing with a ladder for chrissakes?!
Are you a tea or coffee person, Lobster?
The problem, I find, with American visitors is that so many of them drink coffee, which makes me feel quite unwell.
Did the Presidents partake of the great English tea custom in honour of their host?
As an American, I can tell you abs, that it's true about American's drinking coffee way too much. It seems to be an addiction. I, however, find it vile. I'm a tea drinker!

About those presidents... good heavens! What a homely lot! hahaha. I wish our real presidents were that small. Then we could simply place them in a box and place them in a closet for a while if they caused any trouble.
6*7 is forty-two, the answer to life, the universe and everything. So has there been 84 American presidents then?
No, Dubya is the 43rd president. Making the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything "How many presidents should a country ever have?"
Hmm... 42... I guess the answer is just Blow Jobs then... pretty simple when you get down to it... And I always thought Douglas Adams was so deep :P
Yeah. Douglas was, like me, pretty shallow deep down, when you got to the bottom of it.
How deep is the lobster?
I think he has gone to the bottom of the sea. That's pretty deep.
Actually have been via the top of the sky to a place called Fleury D'Aude in the south of France. Bit of rush, but will spend some quality time with you all soon when I get some quiet moment on a PC without interuptions.

Bon journée
Lobster, I hope you are having a wonderful time in the south of France! :o) Enjoy yourself!!!
Dear Lobster,
I am delighted to hear that Lobsters are entitled to holidays.
Remember sun block; you wouldn't want to burn!
Have a lovely time -grin-
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