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Postioning is their story and they're sticking to it.
And now they're losing, and it obviously is not acceptable.
Fucking joke. I swear the Gods groomed the Italian value system because this is exactly their pathology. But if the fix wasn't in they never would have agreed to this.
Don't forget:::The Gods will bless us with systems that help us understand how theirs works, and punitive is one. Reward-based ("Prodistant", not evil!!) is another.
So is our system of power dictating their own justice. The wealthy not only can buy justice but overtly write their own law, as is customary now since the 1980s.

Dictating their preferred system of justice is nicely illustrated with the movie Food, Inc.
Mickey Kantor, BOD Monsanto
Robert Cuadiro, CEO Monsanto & Bill Clinton's Advisory Board
Wendell Murphy, Smithfield BOD & NC Senator
Margaret Miller, ChemLab Supervisor Monsanto & FDA Branch Chief
Linda Fisher, VP Gov./Public Affairs Monsanto & EPA Deputy Administrator
Michael Taylor, VP for Public Policy Monsanto & Deputy Commissioner for Policy

The Gods use evil to spred temptation throughout a society, especially in the most disfavored societies, the United States being the ghetto of Planet Earth. And that is what they use these tools to accomplish.
Controlling the products combined with intentional target marketing to each subsequent generation during their formitable years ensures a growing population subject to their control. They will promote foods that are disapproved of, such as fish, pork (and meat in general) and fruits.
Then they begin the process of maximizing damage.
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