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French Hooligans

P8200128, originally uploaded by Lobster Blogster.

Look at these young louts from Narbonne in France. Haven't they got anything better to do than to hang around lampposts and kick a ball around with their feet? ;o)

They look sweet. Great photo. I see you are using Flickr for storing photos. I registered with them last night but couldn't get back in with my password - It's sorted now.
I love the guy in the background...lol

do you know him or was he a passerby who got into the kodak moment?
Oh, that's a really cool picture, thank you lobster.
I am sure you had a great time swimming, too?
Hi Kat, Scary and Chiquita,

Yes I occassionaly use Flickr, then I discovered I could use it when I couldn't otherwise get pictures off my camera in a cyber-cafe. The guy in the background seemed to know the kids, but the photo really did catch him with a very weird expression. And yes I did some swimming in the local pool at Fleury d'Aude and paddled in the sea at St Pierre le Mer.
Love the photo, looks like everyone is having a good time.

Are you back in your home pool now? If so Welcome home.
Thank you Pal. I might dip a claw into Watford Central baths or the pool at the Bill Everett Centre tomorrow, but I will have to be quick because the Lib Dems want to demolish both.
best regards, nice info » »
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