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The Tao of Andy Wylie

All around the world there are hundreds of humans called Andy Wylie. But also, mysteriously, there is only one Andy Wylie. When he speaks, the world listens.

Today, the words of Andy Wylie are:

While officers are not yet ready to remove all the equipment at Watford Junction, they are considering our suggestion of removing the "bagged heads" to improve overall visibility.

Only people called Andy Wylie, or people who have assumed the name of Andy Wylie may leave comments here.
I never knew tulips enaged in auto-erotic asphyxiation ???
Sorry to tell you that the past two days have been mini lobster season down here in florida.

Read all about it

Andy, good point and well made.

livinglikekings, I don't thinkk you've quite got it yet have you. Well done for trying though.
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