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Travel Warning: Delays Expected

If anyone sees this on the Bricket Wood Express, could they please ring Silverclink security straight away.

Cycles on trains

Can anyone advise the earliest train from the junction which a bicycle is allowed? I need to go and see Mr Law today.
You can use any train so long as your bicycle folds up!
all you need to know

Silverlink welcomes cycles on its trains and conveys them free of charge provided it is safe to do so. Cycles are not permitted, however, on:

County services south of Wolverton timed to arrive at London Euston Monday - Friday 0700 - 1000 or depart London Euston Monday - Friday 1600 -1900.
Metro services arriving London Euston Monday - Friday 0700 - 1000 or departing London Euston Monday - Friday 1615 - 1900.
On any special bus services that replace trains.
Tandems and tricycles cannot be taken on any train. Customers with folding cycles are permitted to take them on any of our services; only one cycle is allowed per customer and this must be folded and within a limit of one cycle per vestibule area.

Visit the London Underground Homepage for details of carrying bicycles on the tube.
Thank you GW, I sold my tandem recently for £70 on e-bay, so that's not a problem.
Future Mrs Lobster said...
You don't know where I can track dowm the phone number for the Old Fox in Bricket Wood do you. Can't find it in the book.
I want to go there with a group of "cyclists" on Saturday at 7pm, but don't know if it will be busy.

GW said...
Tel: 01923 673083
Excuse me for being uninformed, but how do lobsters use bicycles?
...oh and I forgot...I have a leopard called Lobster Thermador, or Lobster for short.
Are you related?
Дх кяе до фсъщъвеяллл
Sorry, keyboard stuck above.

On use of bicycles: I have a human form who often carries a napsack, or in more severe conditions perhaps a metal ice cream container attached by leather straps, and I am to be found within said napsack.

It sounds unlikely there would be any blood relation, lobsters not really having any blood as such. It's cold and wet below the sea, certainly never dry.
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