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Lobster Blogster pops out to Office World

Has it got a swimming pool in there?
I am deeply impressed.
Is that front wheel parked on the pavement?! I think it is......
Lobster, please tell your man not to park on the pavement.
Wonderful picture! I can't wait to show you all the lobster pics I took during my vacation.

I'll be posting them later this week.

What is that vehicle for anyway? Was that the lobster police?!?
Oh no, lobster, it's not humble for a little pathetic sea animal to brag about a big new car.
Don't tell me you are trying to attract lobster women?
holy cow! how much office supplies does a lobster need anyway??? ;)
Hey the lobster's got wheels!

OK, ok. So the lobster does enjoy a small display of ostentatious wealth in order to attract lady lobsters (when his lobster bride is not looking). Its all just harmless fun isn't it? And we do have to employ more road menders locally because of the big tyres, so that's a definate benefit.
I saw the lobster's car pulled by the fuzz near Homebase on Friday evening!
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