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Basic Bulgarian for Begineers

Двадесет Лева - dveh deset leva - Twenty Lions

Риба -
riba - fish
СмеЛ -
smel - smell
Вадя -
bad ya - take out?

Ще ви дам много Лева -
shte vi dam mnogo leva - I will give you many lions

And a personal favourite of the lobster...

Шапка = hat!!!

And finally...

Greetings to many friends at EuroJam which is being held in the Soca valley in beautiful Slovenia this week. Please drop in to Lobster Land if you get the time...

Tres, shteri, ...mmm... (softer guido)
Very cool :) One of my nieces was adopted from Bulgaria just a few years ago.
Hi, EchoMouse. Yes I've always found the people quite friendly there, even though the sea is almost black. Pollution I suppose.
But it is really tough when you are not able to read anything in a country. I experienced this in Greece once and it took me a whole week to be able to read just basic sings.
err...signs! That was a Freudian.
why would you teach the people so useless and un-important words? are you crazy? are you a crazy lobster? there are far more useful things you could teach these people word's like pivo, kurva and other pop in to my mind.

how does one say:
my leatherpants are on fire?-
Hmmm. Bulgarian? Wanka means something different here. haha!
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