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Britain has a Three Party System

These humans look like fish out of water

What a lovely shade of green/blue!

Speaking of being just out of the water...

I'm here on vacation in the New England area of the United States and I don't think you would like it very much lobster.

People in these areas like to eat lobster way too much. They serve it at almost everywhere!

Not only do they eat lobster, but there are lobster stuffed animals, signs, pictures... I will be sure to get some pictures with my digital camera for you to see.

I will post them online when I get back home from my trip in a week.

ps. : Don't worry, I don't eat lobsters myself... never have. :)

ps again. : In these states there are all kinds of Brittish names for streets, cities.. It's an England "wannabe" place.
On lobster eating: how uncouth.

On the eating of animals: how peculiar you land creatures are, don't you know that if you eat cow you will baa like a lamb and if you eat pig you will scratch like a chicken?

I look forward to veiwing your photos Your Excellency. Why would one want a "New" England when the old one is much nicer?

Good day. Do enjoy your trip.
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