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New Cricket Rankings

New cricket rankings released today indicate that Canada are shooting up the list, mostly thanks to their new lucky leaf flag, which was a gift from all the creatures of the Marine Kingdom.

Australia think that they are the stars, but actually they are almost as rubbish as New Zealand.

Good to see that the Moonies of the Maldives and Korea, Republic of are also in the rankings now.

Salty the jolly lobster says "Hi" to cricket fans the world over. Please keep an eye out for the weather over the next few days.
"Peter Williams is to become the said alderman, and a jolly fine one he will make too. Extensive background checks are being done to establish where Peter actually lives, so that we know which ward he will represent, but I'm sure that everything is above board and it will all get sorted out soon. Peter has a great sense of humour and has even self-mockingly describes himself as "Highly opinionated!" But seriously, not too long to wait now Peter, then you can make your first expenses claim..."

Ah thank you sah! Can't wait!

So, should I get the haircut now, or wait until after my appointment...?


Peace be with you,

The Cavalier
Yay, Canada!! Course, I've never watched a cricket game in my life, but one should be loyal to one's team, no?
Peter, I have just been into the Town Hall to ask about the delay. They were muttering something about there being a "suspect package" and hustled me out of the door pretty quick.

I've decided to take refuge in the Central Library. It's just about the only building left standing in Watford, but even this beaut the "Banana People" want to demolish.

I don't know what their plans are really. Even the ones they've got they seem to lose. A lady said she will e-mail me back this afternoon, but this is all hush-hush.

Mary P, super to have a new supporter for the game. That Leaf Flag really seems to be bringing Canada a lot of luck. With your sort of support I expect to see Canada shooting up the rankings.
LOL I was looking at that flag thinking....what the heck is that?? Finally I got it. It certainly is looking much prettier these days :)

Thank ya. I do hope though that your fav team wins. As a good lobster, you deserve a win!
Peter, the town hall have just been on the phone, but say they cannot really help. Their job is to tell people what to do really, so when you go to them with a problem, they are not actually able to help. Still we have had a nice long conversation (I had other work to do, but she seemed to need to speak to someone, so I let her go on a bit.)

In the end she said they have a temp in at the moment and its all his fault. The lady with the e-mail says I've got my dates mixed up. Not to worry she did give me a few yards on the various technical aspects of the law which I will have to read up on now.
I hope this awful weather clears up and fast. We have tickets for Trent Bridge on Saturday!

Getting very excited about it all, and a bit nervous too as I read today that England have only won 3 times against Oz at Trent Bridge since goodness knows when, over 100 years anyway.
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