вторник, август 9

We've been having the most extraodianary weather in the UK over the last few days. Here's how Britain compares with the rest of the world for rainfall in the last 100 days.

The small pink lobsters are just to help draw the attention of younger viewers onto the chart. I don't expect they are very interested and figures and the like, they have plenty of things like Banana Man sweets, glossy brochures and Honda CR-V 02 's to keep them busy.

More news:

Bat walk cancelled - sold out (or Watford Lib Dems have slapped a sticker on it). New plan is to go for a cycle ride. Any suggestions where?
Have you got a canal in Watford, the tow paths make good cycle paths - its another world down by the canal.
Grand Union, I was on a walk to there today, then popped into the Cha-Cha-Cha cafe in Cassiobury Park for a chat.

Future Mrs Lobster and I plan to honeymoon on the canal next June. We would like to find a private let near Berkhamstead, as the beautiful boathouse in the town is closed at the moment.

Agree with you about it being another world - highly suitable for lobsters and lobsterkind.
Apologies to yokels: that should read "berkhamsted"
Shame about the bat walk.
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