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Old flags and other rubbish

Click here and you can nab them for free!Nogbad wrote in with a complaint recently, he said:

I hope you've spotted that someone has planted a star-spangled stripes flag on your carefully crafted blog!

Lobster Blogster has been out and about around the internet today, and found a lot of old flags that people have left behind. Remember to keep the internet tidy and not leave things lying around.

If anyone wants to buy any old flags, you can do this via our online shop. We accept money or shells. Because we have a lot more of the red and white stripey ones, with the blue corner, we shall sell these off much cheaper. The little red and yellow one is very rare, it might even be a collectors item.

Just remember to visit the shop, and say how much you are prepared to pay for each of the different types. We have flags in all price ranges.

Lobster Blogster takes all complaints seriously, and will try to make amends where appropriate. However its not our job to go around all day clearing up the mess that other people leave behind. If people keep dropping the little red stripey one with a blue corner everywhere we will take steps to find out who they are and give them a very big fine...

PS Humans have already been doing this for some time on planet earth. They put all their rubbish in a bin and collect the bins on Thursdays. One council has made this its trademark, they even find gold! We haven't got any pictures of Watford's pristine streets just at the moment, but we do hope to have them to show you very soon.
I will certainly be careful and do my best not to leave any stripey blue cornered flags lying about.
You have great legs Scary
I want to eat you, lobster.
Hey Lobster, you could build a huge sandcastle and put all the flags on the top.
I've never seen so many pics of lobsters on a blog before.

Thanks for dropping by!

Inners0ul (Singapore)
um...yeah, becaue that's not actually a picture I stole off the internet...I um, ....yeah...er....thanks!
Wasn't a complain Lobster - I was more concerned that you might not be aware that people were leaving the stripy one lying around on your page. That you are clearning them up and selling them is a wonderful idea and that any income is being donated to the Nogbad Guinness fund is such a great idea, I'm so grateful :-)
That's very reasonable of you Nogbad, I'm glad you don't want to escalate you complaint to stage two because we haven't written the procedure yet.

No complaints about you either Scary, old flags seem to make great knickers.

Where is Singapore Inners0ul? Is it near the sea.
Bridget, apart from the practical difficulties of a sea anemone eating a lobster, I'm not sure we should be promoting the idea of aquatic creatures eating each other in front of humans. This sort of thing is much better done in a cool deep pool somewhere.

(scuttle, scuttle)

Kat?! Sandcastles! Good idea. Have you got any sand?
Very cool site. While I refuse to eat anything that is slightly 'fishy', I admire your wit.
Guten Abend,
Have you seen my Norwegian flag anywhere? Seems I have lost it :( I can only pay you in shells, but I have a lot of them.. Love your blog, it's hillarious, how on earth did you come up with the whole lobster thing anyways??? :)

Have a good day!

I see you have started selling them behind our backs, lobster.
Ahem... yes.
So what is this all about? Lobster trying to help our poor transatlantic cousins to come to terms with not being welcome in Watford by selling them baseball caps (according to Clive James the universal sign of a moron) with the famous lobster holding one of those stripey blue cornered flags. I think it's a wonderful idea, and think of the number of different bollards that will be sprining up around Watford on the strength of this much needed cash boost. Better yet, Watford will be able to invest in a few more of those killer bees and some anti-tank bollards. Way to go lobster - protecting Watford to the end!
Hi Nogbad, I think we are going to have to shut Lobster Blogster down for a week or two while we work that one out.
Ok, Nogbad, I'll insert a pint of Guiness on your listing if you insist.

Far from being the group who fund bollards, we are an underground movement who are working towards having them removed. One of our "bus drivers" did a good job in Watford High Street the other day (see article in Belfast Telegraph), but to our great shame, two pensioners were quite badly hurt. I think we are going to have to use other means to get rid of bollards, like dynamite.
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