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What phone do you have?

GW asks "What phone do you have?"

I might have guessed! A shell-phone.
Matches my shell-suit.
hi lobster.
snotty american girl here.
gw, keep her away from the telephone. If she rang home it would cost us a fortune.
Sorry Bridget, just checked and I see you work as a sea anemone. I apologise for the earlier comment, bu we have to be soooooo careful.
is there an anemone free zone? or do you just sort them by american and not american anemonies and then deal with them as individuals?
Lobster Blogster welcomes all aquatic creatures, even ones that masquerade as Yanks.

The American Free Zone was started by USAF forces, so its a kind of US-Lobster pact (they've given up interest I hear, but we lobsters are not the quitting type).

We at Lobster Blogster just believe that the world would be a safer place if Americans kept out of, say, London. Marine creatures of all nationalities could then get on and do a bit of shopping, or visit the sites in peace.
Don't forget that territorial waters end just three miles off shore. This is reputedly the furthest range of a cannon-ball, thus the distance by which a country could blast shipping without using sea-borne weaponry.

With the advent of the ICBM, this might explain why some countries think they own the world.
I've been three miles off shore, and I can assure you water doesn't end there. It goes all the way to the other side.
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