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Other Products Our Customers Have Been Buying

Today's salesperson is

Bob Mottram, owner of the Streeb-Greebling Diaries. He is very honest, and likes wireless networks.


CDs and Tapes
Mobiles and Computers

Stories and fairytales


Salemanship and Marketing


Lobster Blogster enjoys bloggers who are able to insert gratuitous references to their own pet projects
I've been using StatCounter to monitor my websites recently, but Lobster Blogster has really taken off and it can't cope with the load anymore. Does anyone out in the blogoshpere know of a decent free web stats thingy that can cope with large numbers of page loads?
How many did it blow up at? I use statcounter and it's chugging away merrily.
Gosh you frightened me when you said blow up! I was having a bit of a chat with Guy Fawkes at the time.
Sorry - technical term for losing it's lunch or having an ongoing wheel detachment situation or the brown and claggy and the fast rotating in an interface scenario.
Don't forget to add this, as your current sales person of the day...

ScarySquabbit Merchandise -> http://www.cafepress.com/squabbit

It's for real :)
Sorry not to get back for so long Nogbad. Well it didn't really blow up, that was just a dreadful rumour.
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »
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