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Inter-faith Talks Held in Watford

Members of different faith groups in Watford got together today, to show unity after the terror attacks of July 7th.

McDonalds have hired a giant killer bee to protect American interests at their High Street fast-food outlet.

Lobster Blogster site receiving rave reviews - others say it is a lot of balls.

Hey! Love the site, and thanks for visiting me at Beirutius :) This site is way funnier than Manchester Buccaneers, love your photo comments.

Will add you to my favs.

Way tooo funny! :)
Oh, one more thing. For your animated lobster site, have a look at the images on this site!

I have lobster shaped soap
Why does scarycheri have lobster shaped soap? Where did she get it from?

Loster - can we have a fan club?
Lobster - I was wondering whether that is an American killer bee or a British one? I'm just concerned that an American one may be restricted to the hive if the Queen killer bee felt that protecting McD's might be a bit dangerous.
A health related query lobster:

If Actimel and all these other probiotic drinks are so good for us why do they only come in little bottles? If it's so wonderful why can't I but it by the pint and have it by the glass full? It seems silly that so much goodness is restricted to these little pots. On a similar subject - why can't I just drink two pints of the stuff on a Monday and be covered for the week rather then having to faff about remembering to drink some every day?
Hi Sondis, I enjoyed my visit to Beirutius, in particular www.building57.com. Will be in touch again soon.
Hi Colleen, I found a crab on the site listed under "bottom dwellers". He could take offense to that you know :)
Kat and Nogbad, these are penetrating and incisive questions. Just the sort of stuff a lobster focused search engine is designed to handle. I have put them on the pile marked "wait until someone who knows the answer chances by".
I think you need a bit of help with this search engine. You can get lobster shaped soap here.

They say it is something they have had requests for so I guess that must have been scarycheri. :-)
But Scary lives in Nu Joisey - would she be buying stuff from Maine? That looks like another query for Lobster really.
Convinced Watford's street furniture is sponsored by the British Bollard Marketing Board. Was going to set up a website entitled "Watford, what a load of bollards!"
At the last count, I'd racked up 16 different styles within the ring road area!
Oh now that sounds like an interesting day out! 16 different types of bollard will certainly pull in the American tourists!
"Geez Howard! What quaint bollards! Can we get some for the lawn?"
"Sure Miriam. Hey you! Street cleaning guy! How much d'ya want for your bollards? OW! Why are you hitting me with your litter-picker?"
Shhhh! Lobster Blogster is an American Free Zone. Please leave quietly via the nearest exit.
Oi! yeh! Can't you read?
"Geesh Miriam! I know when we ain't wanted. Let's go to Strat-ford-upon-Ayvon. They know how to treat visitors properly there."
Say man, those sure are some nice balls. They look real solid too. You should be very proud ;)
Oh no! I can sense an invasion coming!
Activate star-spangled defence screens.
Keep up the good work »
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