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Can we have a fan club?

Lobster Blogster fans, especially Kat, have been asking if we can have a fan club. The good news is that its already been set up, and so we won't have to do any work ourselves. The bad news is:
To be quite honest, I should steer well clear of it. I don't think there's much there for lobster fans. Kat on the other hand, appears to have her own (one woman) fan cluband has appeared in the Times Educational Supplement recently.
Dear lobster,
actually, I was saying the contrary of what you think I was saying!!
Internet translators are obviously not as good as my new English speaking bear!
I hadn't realised which newspaper I was in until I saw the photo. I'm glad it wasn't a tabloid. :-)
Chiquita, no wonder I'm confused!?!!

Great lead Kat, now I know there's a picture out there of you in the News of the World or the Sunday Sport.
One in a pillarbox hat, one in a pirate hat, one in a Robin Hood hat, one in an officers hat.
I think I know what you mean. I have a friend who wears one.
hee hee
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