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Are you big friends with the Mock Turtle?

Kat asks if I am big friends with the Mock Turtle. Naturally it is always a pleasure to introduce fellow marine creatures to the blogosphere. He takes a keen interest in education, as does I believe Kat. The main subjects he studied included Reeling and Writhing, Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision. He is seen below with a Gryphon and a human lady called Alice.

The Mock Turtle's Story is a dreadfully sad one. In spite of this he is still able to run a very attractive website at www.mockturtle.co.uk.

(Kat, I know you have also asked about whether lobsters and turtles have internal magnets. It sounds very painful - I think we will have to wait for someone with a scientific mind to chance by in order to get that one answered.)
Wow! That was quick Lobster. Just hope someone can answer my second question. :-)
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