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Technical Problem: Installed Mouse is Incompatible with the Printer

Red Lobster with Tickly Tenticles has recently been doing some research into hardware and software which is incompatible. He has discovered that not every mouse will work correctly with every printer.

Before I show you the result of his research, I am pleased to annouce that Lobster Blogster has discovered the answer to a question, that is: Do lobsters blush? The answer is yes, when they receive fulsome praise like that which was forthcoming from Nogbad, who blogs therefore he is. He also poses a tickly question: Is Ben Johnson American? I hope that someone will write in soon to get that sorted out. There is also an earlier question outstanding from anonymous who asks: Do lobsters dance? This is probably best answered by looking here. Oh, and Small Pink Lobster is still struggling with A Very Hard Question. Questions and comments are always welcomed in foreign languages, even though we have no idea what is being said.

I hope the little fellow below was unharmed.

Ben Johnson as in the disgraced Olympic runner? If that's who you mean, no, he is Canadian. And we all feel badly for him today. At the time, we were all disgusted but smarter heads have since prevailed.

I'm on info overload today so the lobster thing is beyond me. But hey, can I use that mouse picture?????? lol
It's screaming "me me me me me"

(it's ok if not)
Question for you: Are you big friends with the Mock Turtle and if so could we see something of him on your blog?

Another question: Is it true that turtles and lobsters both use internal magnets to help them find their way around?
Best regards from NY!
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