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The Ice Man Cometh

Hydrobios wants to talk to you today about Ice Men.

East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national "In case of Emergency (ICE)" campaign. Unreliable sources say they are worried that the last few American Free Zones in Britain are about to crumble.

Because the small town of Watford is now surrounded, it is unlikely we shall be able to get any further messages out over the next few days. Please be patient, please pray for the people of Watford in their plucky fight against the world's superpower, please hope that maybe the brave citizens of France will help in our hour of need...

Drop in and say "hello!" to the blogging lobster!

You might be interested in this. Only one snag, I put my home phone number in, and now it comes up as ICE whenever I get a call from home. It must default to the last entry made, so I'll have to put in the previous details again, or it could get annoying!

Head OT
West Herts Rehabilitation Service
I have a Sony Ericsson and I simply synched it with my mac, selected to reset the phone's database, then re-synched it. Problem solved!
Sounds great - probably exactly what I need to know - but have pity on us less computer literate!I know Lobster wanted foreign languages, but could you pass that by me in English too?
What phone do you have?
My Sony Ericsson P800 did exactly as you described with the last entered number being the one that appears when the phone is ringing. It is a quite advanced phone which can synchronise the address book with a computer through a wireless connection.
I have a macintosh computer at work, so I made sure my computer had the most up-to-date version of the address list, then I used an option on the computer to erase everything in the phone and replace it with a copy of what was in the computer's address list.
If your phone can be connected to a computer, then you could use the same trick. If not, it would be easier to re-enter the details again.
Hey! I was at Costco at the weekend (which is definitely NOT an American Free Zone). I bought something called "Instant German for Business and Holidays". Now, do I just add water?!.......
Yup - and then watch the towels hit the sun-loungers
Pssst! I hope you've spotted that someone has planted a star-spangled stripes flag thingy on your carefully crafted AFZ blog!
Yikes, where? I'll get one of the team onto it straight away!
cant help where you're born.
I don't think anyone has asked that question yet, but thank you for trying to help anyway :o)
Thanks GW, I've got a siemans mobile. Since my last entry I've tried deleting The 'Martin' entry and re-entering it, but it still comes up as ICE. Very strange, as it's not even alphabetical. Having tried that, perhaps I'll have to try the computer synch - thanks very much
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