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"Peter, welcome to Lobster Blogster. I understand you are versed in matters of the cloth and I believe you will lend gravitas to the proceedings."

Hey, gravitas is my middle name - and latin as well!

"BUT, the Lib Dems jolly well did invent re-cycling - policies, ideas and stories in their bleeding Focus newsletter for a start."

Ah, but there's a difference between banging on about a subject and actually being responsible for it when you get into power...

"I shall put your self-nomination to the council, if they are not all on holiday, and we shall consider your request. After that we will need bio-metric ID and a character reference from respected members of the blogosphere."

Excellent - although, the biometric ID requirement sounds a little fascist to me - you're not Charles Clarke are you?

"Please don't use Latin whilst you are a guest in Lobster Blogster, for all I know you might be blowing me kisses."

Meh. "Pax tecum" means "peace be with you" so you can rest easy. Plus, my devout Catholicism might form a bit of a problem in me blowing you kisses.

Sorry to disappoint you, darling. ;)
That's Ok then.
Excellent - although, the biometric ID requirement sounds a little fascist to me - you're not Charles Clarke are you?

Who is calling the Biometric ID card idea a little fascist? Only a little bit fascist?? :-)
Ok Nogbad, if you want to make this difficult. Empty all your pockets out and state your reasons for being here. We are going to need two utility bills and a letter from your employer that you have a valid visa.

You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.
Hello There,

I got your request about being your "American ambassador". I placed a comment reply to your request on my blog, but in case you don't see it:

I would be honored! Thank you ever so kindly for asking me!

Feel free to inform me of my duties!

Take Care,

ps. Love the windows picture
BTW, regarding comments you made with 'Kat':

"You might well guess that my politics are left of centre Kat, which would be accurate, and I have been no fan of the tories in the past."

Well, as you might have gathered from my blog, I'm right-of-centre myself. In fact, I'm quite an active member of the Conservatives in Stanborough. That should be groovy though - the world would be DULL if we all agreed on everything, after all!

Mind you, I don't agree with everything the Conservative party says or does anyway - I consider myself a 'philosophical Conservative', as opposed to a partisan 'Tory'. Its the bleiefs that matter to me, not so much the party.

"Curiously I now find that someone I knew as a young lady is now a tory councillor in a neighbouring ward, and a friend's father also stands."

Really? I know some of these people quite well - do tell...!

"In Watford the three opposition parties have a good working relationship, but the lib dems seem to have formed into an elite. I don't know enough about local politics in other areas to know if this is the norm, but it creates the most unhealthy of environments where I live."

You can say that again!

Actually, this is the situation, as I see it, in Watford politics:

The Watford Labour party has pretty much self-destructed after a) Their decimation by the Liberals in the local elections, and b) their members real disillusionment with Claire Ward's arch-Blairism (she voted in favour of the War in Iraq, Top-Up Fees, and sundry other horrifying New Labour betrayals of Leftist ideals).

Due to this alienation of the Labour Left, much of their electoral base has defected to the Liberals (hence the switching of 8,000-odd voters from Labour to the Lib Dems in Watford last time, whilst the Tory vote stayed the same).

Claire ward's acceptance speech (which I was there at the Colisseum to watch) was very much a withering attack on the Lib Dems "dirty tricks" in the campaign, and this gave the Conservatives and the Labour party a feeling of co-belliggerence about the "arrogant" local Liberals.

The Conservatives haven't had a presence in Watford Local politics for goodness-know's-how-long - having been deconstructed over time by the Liberals and done little to nothing about it. With the 1997 parliamentary defeat, they (or rather, we) feel that at least there's nowhere to go but up!

The Liberals obviously dominate the Watford political atmosphere - even displacing the Conservatives in second place in the General Election.

Many people feel this has made them arrogant and that they deserve a good electoral pasting sometime soon. This won't happen, I strongly suspect, however, for quite a few years.

So, all-in-all there is unprecedented amount of visceral dislike of the Liberal Democrats in the Watford Labour party (what remains of it) and the Watford Conservative party.

Whether this turns into effort to remove the Liberals from power remains to be seen...

What think you?

Peace be with you,

The Cavalier
You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

Isn't it sad that politicians (and others) are hiding behind this old trot yet again?
I'd say you don't have to be conservative or labour to hate what the lib dems are doing.
Looks like you are going to have to reinstall windows there...... You have fitted the latest security patch haven't you?
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