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Taking Full Responsibility

The agency agreement was terminated some years ago when Watford's highways department was transferred to the county council and moved from Watford Town Hall. Watford retains only one major highways function and that is parking.

Councillor Andy Wylie
Cabinet Member for Transport
Watford Borough Council

in a letter to the Watford Observer date 29th July 2005

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Some shots when the lobster popped out to buy a loaf of bread at Co-op (un-related to the above item)

I really must invest in a digital camera, then I can fill blogspot with badly parked cars....should only take a day or so! We saw two pairs of traffic wardens ticketing cars and vans on the high street. Poor bastards. The signage is so shit you wouldn't know that parking wasn't allowed at that time & place.
I might add, that was at 10:40 and 10:48PM on a Thursday night.
I saw a chap the other day in his 4x4 mount the pavement via a pedestrian crossing to park on pavement and do a bit of shopping at the top of Bushey Mill Lane. I sent a photo of same to the police and am awaiting any further action.

A traffic warden told me that wardens have powers to ticket vehicles parked on the pavement, but the Council have asked them not to enforce them.
I would be careful with this one, lobster. People who park inconsiderably on pavements or near zebra crossings and don't give a damn about the blind, young children or women with pushchairs, also don't give a damn about how they get their revenge on you and your family if you report them. Trust me, I've been there.
As per my previous remark Kat, a traffic warden told me that they are under instructions in Watford not to enforce any parking on the pavement type offences. A bin-man I know who works in nearby Harrow says its quite the opposite there, and pavement parking offences are always strictly enforced.

The one I reported to the police concerns a traffic violation I witnessed. I wouldn't publish that photo until I was told that there would be no chance of a conviction.

I should make it clear here too, that the car with the box is of course not hurting anyone, its just a funny shot.
Oh and Kat, thank you for your words advising caution. I agree entirely and would urge others to do the same. Not to do nothing, that is, but just to be circumspect.
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