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American Deserters Aid Rebel Army

BRAVE LADY NURSES from Watford were seen rushing to the aid of fallen US soldiers, caught out when one US unit deserted today. The rebels, wearing a "grey" uniform, had been located at various wooded locations. They are believed to have infultrated Britain over a period of many years, posing as local redcoats.

God, that is BRILLIANT!! I love the little critter with the artillery and helmet! Is he/she a friend of yours? (and what is it exactly? groundhog?) I am so jealous. What a stud/studette!!
United Seabed Marines (i.e. US Marines) have declared neutrality in this conflict. We are restricted to aquatic areas as observers only. I believe all the power is down in Watford at the moment since we are getting very few signals from the local population. Will report any further action as and when...
that's totally the squabbit I saw! It had the same gun!!
I just knew you were the type to be impressed by a big gun Scary.

Lobster Blogster came under rocket-fire attack from the direction of the Town Hall last night. We are not sure at the moment whether this is just a "friendly fire" incident.

EchoMouse, stop oggling at the ground-hog/squabbit thing, it only encourages them.
I just knew you were the type to be impressed by a big gun Scary.

Crustacean + sexual innuendo = funny
I never discuss sex with humans, Fonzie.
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