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Weekend Activities

There's nothing the Lobster enjoys more at the weekend than jumping into his Hummer. This is just an old H2 banger one, my proper H3 one is being polished at the moment. Places you can go include the countryside, and popping down to your local organic retailer for a punnet of strawberries flown in from Guatemala.

Next weekend the Lobster is planning on going on a "Bat Walk". Everyone knows that bats can't walk but tell that to the Countryside Management Service. I hope there's nothing interesting on the telly between 8.15pm and 10.15pm. The best person to help sort this whole mess out is Elaine at the Box Moor Trust on HH 253300.
A bat walk? Ok I have to google that one. Sounds very exciting whatever it is.

LOVE the hummer! I have a Toyota 4Runner. LOVE IT TO PIECES!!! lol

Btw, in case you're wondering how a mouse drives ... remote control ;) Beauty eh?
Tasty motor EchoMouse. We need pics of you at the wheel. Vrooom!!!
I went on a bat walk at Bourton-on-the-Water in Glocs. a couple of weeks ago. Fascinating! I'm going to build my own bat detector.... we were star gazing at the weekend after being spurred on by finally realising what the flashes of light in the sky were (stars! Joking. They are called Iridium flares, I thought they were high altitude planes turning, but they wouldn't have their landing lights on I guess). Anyway, something that looked like a bat was flitting around the twilight, so I'd like to make sure.
Sadly the bat walk was full up, the search is on for another thing to do.
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