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A Tale of Woe

Clickin' makes dis bigga

The Lobster's Tail is not a happy one,
He had hoped to provide just a little fun,
But then he was found out,
In a giant waterspout,
And the dreaded search for just one more pun...

Clickin' makes dis 1 bigga 2

The Lobster friends' from land and sea,
Couldn't ever see off the Giant Killer Bee,
So they took as their own personal attire,
The cruel world of political satire,
Its just a joke - tee, hee, hee...

U cun clik dis 1 2

The sum of a square is greater than all its parts,
Computer geek, wordsmith, master of arts,
Understatement not a known form.
Most important: to visitors be warm,
Smiles and laughter will change all hearts!

Are Lobsters now making cartoons?

Sadly the sound card is bust on my own PC (a terrible confession from someone who fixes others PCs for a living), so I will have to come back and listen to this one later.

For TV I always watch Cosmic Lobsters on FableVision
This is very interesting site... »
'Ere! 'Ere! anonymouse, you can't go linking to that sort of filth on Lobster Blogster. We deal in a very diferent type of dirt here, the sort that really does get under your nails :o)
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