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Visitor Statistics Released

Due to a continuing clamour by the general public, Lobster Blogster has released its most popular visitor statistics by country today.

In first place was the red flag with the smudgy blue corner. In second place was the showy red, white and blue one. Tied in third place was the stripy one with a blue corner and its next door neighbour (neighbor) which also has the same flag. In last place was the one with the red cross thing.
??? You're really an American aren't you...it's ok, admitting it is the first step ;)
Half English, half German. How about you?
LOL Heinz57. They imported us little furballs from europe ages ago apparently.

Anyway, where's my beautific Canadian Maple Leaf flag?????????????????
Maple Leaf Flag Graphics:

:) Just wanted to help.
Echo Mouse... I'm American.

Whatcha mean when you said: "admitting it is the first step"?

That's not very nice.

Shame on you.

My great grandparents are from England. hmmmph!

Just because the American government has it's nose up everyone's ass doesn't mean we are all bad here!!!
Some of those Leaf Flags are pretty dull. I liked the Provincial ones though, particularily the one with the pirate ship.

I am going to have a look around for a flag with a proper leaf on it and will make it a gift to the humans of Canada. That way it might make the place a bit more exciting.

Colleen, you have introduced some new and interesting ideas about the relationship between a government and its people. Do you mean that not all American humans are brave and wise like your esteemed President?
While I'd love to be as much of a *peace-making* individual as our current U.S. president, sadly I must say - no.

Not all of us Americans are as insightful or esteemed. I know how much everyone from foreign countries simply adore and admire him!

The interesting truth is that he is equally as *loved* in the U.S. too.

*sigh* I only wish we all (Americans) could be all knowing and all wise like Mr. Bush... but sadly, most of us can never hope to rise to such amazing heights.
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