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Banana Man and Buzzbee

Banana Man
He's yellow,
He's sweet and sticky,
And he's never straight with you!

Mr Lobster, you forgot soft and mushy.
oh...no...lobsters and banannas...I really can't take much more of it. It's like a Disney movie!
Apologies to our regular viewers, normal service will be resumed after the next elections.

Or the ones after that.

Or maybe later still...
GOODY Pops?!?!

Bwa hahahahaha!!!!

Interesting Snack!
Good morning, Your Excellency. You are looking very fine today. Have you considered your appointments dairy for the day, or would you prefer a lie-in?
Please feel free to notify me of my appointments!

I'm going on a ship today in the North Atlantic to see whales. I'll let you know if I see any of your lobster friends in the ocean.
I hope you enjoy your trip to Wales, Your Excellency.

I believe that rest and relaxation are in your diary for today. I will of course notify you should any world crisis pop up, which you might need to speak to Mr Bush about.
Thank you Mr. Lobster.

I wanted to let you know, I did see lobsters, eh.... sort of... but not in the ocean.

By the way, If you ever get the opportunity to visit this lovely country (The U.S.A.) don't go to Connecticut... the humans there drive like they are nuts - very unsafe for lobsters, I must say.

Maine and Massachusettes however - seem to worship your kind.

I'm not sure if there is a lobster cult here or what?!?!

But pictures of lobsters are on everything imaginable in these areas.

Is there a lobster God that these folks are worshiping? Is there a lobster religion here in the New England area?

It certainly looks that way!

ps. A couple of whales asked me to send you a friendly "hello".
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