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Colleen Becomes Ambassador to the USA

Colleen said...

If you've seen Star Trek Voyager, there's Seven of Nine. Most men think that they are pretty lucky to have the opportunity to look at her!?
Seven of Nine said..
No Colleen, most men think they are pretty lucky to look at you, because you are a real cat whereas I am a character from a sci-fi fantasy programme.

Lobster Blogster said...

Your Excellence, you have agreed to live in a beautiful glass castle, and to be driven to meetings with the President in a carriage and four. Your duties are serious because you will be responsible for conveying the good wishes of the entire Undersea World to the American people.

To which Colleen said...

Mr. Lobster, I would be honored! (honoured!) Thank you for asking me!

The official photograph from today's ceremony shows President Bush eyeing up a sandwich whilst trying to throttle Lobster Blogster. Colleen looks as regal as ever.

Always good to see seven of nine Lobster - thanks for that
I love the quote on Seven of Nine's page.

"It was a mild shock. He will recover, he was not responding to diplomacy"
Yes Nogbad, she has unusual skin for a human. Kat, well spotted with the quote.
wow. I feel honoured (yes, I used Brittish spelling this time!)

nogbad: Glad you enjoyed the picture.

lobster: See what I mean about Seven?!

I really like this castle I'm in right now. Quite nice indeed!!
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