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Dangerous Man on the Run for 400 Years

Do not appraoch this man, he is VERY dangerous, and a MENACE to the blogosphere.
Look how he used his rappier wit to thwart the Lobster
Look how he was impolite to the Future Mrs Lobster

The best place to report him is to New Scotland Yard. (ok, I know that he was actually caught 400 years ago and hung drawn and quartered etc. but there does seem to be a look-alike marauding round Westminster.)

Is your journey strictly necessary?

Lobster Blogster has become aware that some members of the blogosphere are having unnecessary journeys using their Weblog Explorer tickets. Please try to keep your journeys to a minimum and avoid unnecessary stops. Its quite a short walk from Farringdon to Barbican say, and St Jame's is quite close to two interchanges. It won't be RIGHT if we all just decided next Tuesday to all jump on at the same station. Please try to keep the costs down for everyone.
Ég var að borða humar áðan.
Hvernig ósiðmenntaður. ÉG vilja þari eða svif ég sjálfur. Api kjöt er ágætur fyrir a sérstakur tilefni.
Oh, sorry, I just had a piece of cod stuck in my throat. I wonder what that naughty monkey is doing visiting Lobster Blogster?
He's looking for bananas.
Ah! The piece of cod that passeth man's understanding, and not the gullet of a lobster.
Best regards from NY! » » »
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