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If the Future Mrs Lobster...

...was a human,
this is what she would look like underwater!

Not all humans see things in the same way. Take a look at http://www.apduk.org/ for a different way of looking at the world

Interesting site lobster, although I have to say that I found it easier to download the pdf and read it rather than try to make sense of the site. I didn't like the design. It may have been designed for people with particular reading difficulties but I found it odd that it didn't contain any pictures. The concept that a person can be disturbed by background noise could, for instance, have been so easily represented by a picture.
We all process information differently and I think it is important therefore that text and pictures go hand in hand.
Thanks Kat, I'll pass on your comments to my contact at APDUK. My own knowledge about the subject is limited to what I've read here, and a brief conversation with a gentleman who has the condition. He recommended that I take the time to look at visual learners and may be cate_turner.

I'm interested in people (and creatures :o) who can see the world differently. Oh dear, Lobster Blogster seems to have gone all reflective. Perhaps its a good time to thank you for all your contributions to date. I'm genuinely interested in building a better blogosphere, even if my methods are a litle (ahem!) unorthodox.
even if my methods are a litle (ahem!) unorthodox.

Nowt wrong with that. :-)

There are some excellent links and downloads on the site. Thanks a lot for the link.
Hi Kat

The APDUK web site has been designed primarily to demonstrate how people with Auditory Processing Disorder like to see text presented in a multi-coloured text format, and increased spacinging.
You are correct in your assumption about the use of pictures, but we had to consider the wider issues of trying to appeal to the constraints used by other more prominent charity organisations in this field. Our prime aim is to gain help and recognition starting from Zero.
My own web sites have always included pictures, but these seem to be even more confusing especially for a major part of our target audiance, those who have their hands on the levers of power and influence.

My own site is at www.dolfrog.com which will soon be moving to www.dolfrog.org.uk as soon as i have mastered the techincalities of Dreamweaver. I have already transfered my original UK site there in a temporary form

best wishes

Hi dolfrog

I appreciate that the site was designed to demonstrate the text but if people have difficulty reading it themselves how much and for how long would they persist with it. ( And I think that it does matter that we all read it. ) Personally, I found the pages too distracting and very difficult to follow and navigate. There are the options to change the page but these were not immediately apparent to me. I am sorry to criticise such a wonderful site but this criticism was based on my own difficulties in reading it. The information and links are superb and I am more interested in the subject than you would probably imagine.

I think it is very important that people realise how different we all are and how we learn. I very much like the title of one of the links 'I think in pictures, You teach in words.'

Re Dreamweaver. This beast is not as difficult as it first appears. Experiment with it.

I wish you every success with the site. I will take a look at your own site when I get a little time.
Apart from my blogg I have placed the links in a place were they are more likely to be followed.
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