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England Lose First Test at Lords

Rain stopped play at Lords yesterday for England fans to gain hope that the game would would be washed out and the game drawn. At 3.45pm the play did begin, England lost the final five wickets of their second innings and the game was won by Australia.

A good time was had by all.

Glad you had a good time. YOu have to wonder about the wisdom of the match scheduling. All those one dayers allowed the Aussies to find their form a bit :-(

We are going to the Trent Bridge bash, I'll try and get a sunny pic for you from there :-)
Ah, for wisdom I always consult the Future Mrs Lobster. Maybe I'll share some of hers in a post one day.

Thank you for the offer of a picture. I look forward to it.
A cricket related question for the lobster - on the English team shirts the logo is made up of the three lions and beneath it there appears to be a number, this number seems to be different on dfferent player's shirts/jumpers. Is this right? What does it signify?
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