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Cycling in London

Red Lobster on a Green Background says:

"If you can't get out and about at the moment, you can always go cycling in London."

Lobster Blogster's mother popped round for tea and cake yesterday. She believes she has found the shortest cycle path in Watford. Its at the junction of St Albans Road and Sheepcot Lane (no pictures yet). There used to be a flower bed and a seat there, but now we have a strip of green tarmac. Isn't it great to be an environmentalist! We are lucky to have such a caring council. Two actually. One to create all the mess, and another to blame it on. Have you got any other candidates for the Shortest Cycle Path in Watford?

Oh dear lobster. What are we as a Nation going to do with the London tube stations? :-(((
Gosh Kat, you ask the hardest of questions.

Personally I was in London today to watch the cricket at Lords. Very much all systems normal, lots of standing about waiting for the rain to stop, talking about the weather, then just an hour of play when England lost five wickets and lost the match. I'm an England fan but this is my idea of heavan.
Cricket is OK providing you only have to watch the last over, don't have to listen to it contently on the radio, don't have to help with a website, don't have to do the scoring, don't have wash the cricket gear, or make the flipping teas.

When does the cricket season finish, lobster.
I'm sorry, I know cricket is a game, but I can't help but to think about the insect when I read about it.

when Kat says "Wash the cricket gear" , I immediatly see someone soaping up giant dirty tools like power saws and stuff that happen to belong to a bug.

Lobsters are sea bugs
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