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Put Your Faith in Faith

Lobsters are fairly neutral when it comes to religion. Actually being one of God's creatures mean that aquatic beings have no need to follow one creed or another, and so are technically atheist. Or does that mean that lobsters don't really exist?

Well, anyway the lobster has been investigating a couple of religious groups whose numbers are on the definite increase.

Firstly there are Jedi Knights, who seem to have somewhat miffed the UK's Office of National Statistics by achieving the third most popular religion in the UK for the 2001 census. Cunningly the ONS managed to write Jedi Knights out of the religious populations tables, but they had to classify followers of the Jedi Knight religion as "No religion" in order to do this. To a lobster this seems to defeat the purpose of asking humans what their religion is in the first place. The lobster wonders if Jedi Knight consider themselves to be persecuted by the UK government, and if so what further action they hoped to take in this matter. Being persecuted often seems to be a good starting point for a religion.

The second group is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Worldwide they claim to have over 10 million members, but they don't seem to indicate where they all are. They are very open to having their beliefs taught alongside those of other religions. In fact, the Church places great emphasis on endorsements from scientific experts as to the validity of its claims. It would appear that church members, or Pastafarians as they like to be called, have only recently felt safe enough to air their views without being subject to ridicule, or worse. Needing to start a religion in an underground fashion is also the mark of a religion which is going to be around for a very long time to come. A nice feature of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is that many devotees speak of being "touched by His noodly appendage".

If you fancy starting a new religion, or maybe you just want to join one of the old ones, remember the lobster is always here to answer your questions, be they of an aquatic or general nature.

Search Questions

Of the 71% of Christians how many of them go to church apart from attending christenings, weddings and funerals? Also how many of them say grace before meals?
Gosh Kat, that's a tricky one. The figures say there are 41 million we will need to ask. I probably know one or two Christian humans, and I expect you know some too. We'll start with them but I expect this task to take us some time to complete.

By the way, I still can't figure out the whole Mr Rumsfeld and his unknown unknowns thing. I'll have a go at writing up my take on this soon.
I think a big percentage of the people who claimed to Christians are perhaps unknown unknowns. :-)
Seriously, I think people who had been Christened by their parents claimed a religion even though they are not practicing Christians at all.
So what's your take on Scientology? Seems we can't get away from that garbage what with Tomkat and the pillow etc. ;)
Keep up the good work » » »
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