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Marines Refuse to Obey Orders

What on earth are these two talking about?

Somebody says we should get round a table.

Undersea world holds urgent talks over the expected American invasion of Watford. Aquatic creatures were given the ultimatum "Are you with us, or against us?" by George Bush earlier today. Marine world decides to declare strict neutrality. US reluctantly agrees to allow neutral observers to remain in the River Colne and Watford pond. All other parts of the borough to be "zoned" and administered by the Coalition of the Willing (US and UK).

American Zones are:
Krispy Kreme Do-nuts
Game Store
Just about everywhere else apart from...

United Kingdom Zone:

Commander in Chief of the Supreme Allied Forces (SW Herts branch) President George Bush declares:

If Watford does not surrender within two days, we will use sock and oar tactics to enter the city... er borough... little town.

Red Lobster, on behalf of all aquatic creatures says:

We're not afraid!

More socks
Great! I need four pairs for my feet, and big pair of gloves for my pincers.
Hey they are for ladies and I sent them for Future Mrs Lobster.
Wow. I've never seen lobster socks before?!?!
*tries to make a serious face* No, that's not funny. It's anti American.
That Watford thing was brilliant!! What do you think of Bournemouth mister Lobster, nice or not??

Your vishes came trough, from now on you are my lucky lobster :)

Have a cool day!

Thank you Sondis, coming from you that is a high compliment indeed.

I shall jot down your question on a tiny slip of paper and hopefully find it again soon.

Other Blogster fans please note it is well worth getting a passport and jetting off the Microsoftland and Beruit.
Thankyou for the lovely socks, Kat! I don't suppose you're allowed to wear socks with lobsters on, in your job as a female bishop - or can you sneak them on under your cassock?
I'm glad you liked the socks Future Mrs Lobster. I prefer the thick hand knitted type myself.
Hang on, I'm confused now. I thought the socks were for me.
I'm interested in how Kat knits with thick hands?
With difficulty but they are hellishly efficient when it comes to making thick ears. ;-)
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » » »
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