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Old lobster law says


Old lobster law says, be true to yourself, but be kind to creatures you meet on your journey in case you meet them again on the way back... oh, and look after the earth, so you might be lucky enough to come back as a lobster one day.

Excellent advice most definitely :)
Thank you EchoMouse, I'll pass that back on to the Future Mrs Lobster, and I might even get a kiss or a hug out of it!
Bonjour monsieur homard.Mes homages a madame homard!
Oh dear, I have no idea what you are talking about. Can anyone else help here?
According to Babelfish at AltaVista.com, jez just said....

"Hello Mister homard. Mes homages has lobster Madam!"

Dunno...still doesn't make sense to me. LOL
Thank you EchoMouse. Now that we've worked out what he was saying, I suppose we can try to figure out a reply.

How about "'Allo, 'Allo Jez" for a start?
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