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Christine's cake

Here's a lovely cake that Christine baked for her birthday. Christine is clearly a good cook, and it tasted as good as it looks - delicious! With a bit of luck, she'll agree to make the wedding cake for Mr and Mrs Lobster :o)
Lovely cake, Christine.

(I'm sure she will make your wedding cake, lobster.)
I have blurry vision from swimming, and I initially thought our post was titled forcrissake
Thank you Kat and Scari. "Christine's cake" was actually the Future Mrs Lobster's first blogging post. I think she made a jolly good job of it personally.
Hello Future Mrs Lobster.
Hmmm! Cheri - a cake saying "Fercrissake"? What would that celebrate? :-)
well, I'm on my dad's lap top, and the cake picture hadn't loaded at the time....so the whole thing made no sense at all...lol.
But Now after leaving plenty of loading time, I see it is, indeed a lovely cake!

almost too nice to cut!
almost ;)
Gorgeous cake! Just one question...who is Christine???? (sorry, i'm clueless on this one)

And I hope she does the wedding cake for you and Future Mrs. Lobster too :)
EchoMouse, if we find any nibble marks there will be trouble.
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Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb
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