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Walking for Health

Lobsters prefer to crawl or swim. But walking is good for humans. In an effort to get more people out of their front doors and walking in the street, park or countryside Lobster Blogster has become involved with a health walking scheme. The idea is very simple, take a brisk walk for thirty minutes a day, five times a week and you will be a better human for it.

Here's a couple of leaflets:

Here's a medal and a badge if you get a bit more adventurous:

And here's a real prize, a beautiful village sign from Datchworth in Hertfordshire which the lobster spotted whilst out with a group of walkers two weeks ago. Lobster Blogster was carried round in a small knapsack:

If you would like to know more, try www.whi.org.uk or e-mail the lobster. If you live in or around North Watford and you would like to see a health walk locally, definitely e-mail the lobster!.
Carried around in a small knapsack...lolol

Seriously, I used to hike and walk all the time and everywhere. It's probably the most healthy activity available yet so few people do it regularly. Sad really.
Nothing sad here at all EchoMouse. I was on a training course as a Walk Leader last Monday. The scheme is well thought out, and it is acheiving its aim of getting more and more people to start doing a bit of exercise. I fit into that category myself, and so I thought becoming a leader would spur me on a bit.
Keep up the good work » » »
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