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Outbreak of Red Bag Disease

There are reports coming in of Red Bag Disease in the SW Herts region. Please be vigilant and report any sightings as soon as possible.

Symptoms are:
Don't be fooled. The "No Congestion" condition can quite dangerous, according to the location. Although in the past Lobster Blogster has advocated culling where local conditions suggest, the recent outbreak has occurred in a "hot spot" where great caution is necessary.

At risk:
All of the above are advised to avoid the area whist the Red Bag Disease is being treated.

Other transport news:

Secret footage of a very short cycle path has been released. Lobster's mother believes it may be the world's shortest. Do not show your friends. (Beware if you have a slow connection - this is 5.2MB for a twenty second clip of very wobbly footage)
We've got shorter and far, far crapper cycle farcilities in St Albans. You Watford lot are sooooo lucky.
Sorry without photographic evidence we cannot accept your competition entry.

The one I'm talking about has a sign at the start and one to dismount at the end. It also goes round a bend, and has a rubbish bin. I'm thinking of writing the whole thing up as a leaflet and sneaking it into libraries and things.
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