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Lobster draws a pig

Lobster Blogster was recently invited to draw a pig. Naturally, being marine based with claws, not hands, and unfamiliar with what a pig looks like, this proved quite a challenge. You can see the resulting mess here.

Lobster Diagram informs me that there is demand for a page of animated lobsters, not least by Colleen. After the initial flush of excitement at coming up with an entirely new and original resource for the internet, work on this page seems to have tailled off a little bit. I make a firm commitment to let Animated Lobsters fans know if there are any new developments.
Thank you Martin - the pictures are really good especially the one where
Mark appears to have two huge brightly coloured ears growing out of the top of his head

Glad you enjoyed last night - we did too

Look forward to hearing more about the dancing lessons

Do lobsters dance? Would that be the Lobster Quadrille?
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »
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