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A very hard question!

I was recently asked this very hard question by chiquita

Ich hörte, dass Lobsters Hobbies Fischen und Schwimmen sind. Kriegt er keine Erkältung? Wenn nicht: Ist das alles nicht ein bisschen langweilig auf die Dauer?

I have asked small pink lobster to assist. Any help here would greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately, I can't help with that question. (I only speak English) sorry....

But I did want to comment on the beginning of the animated lobster page! It looks fantastic so far. :) I would love to put a link to it from my blog when it's done, if you could let me know.
My German's a bit rusty, but I think you & small pink lobster are being asked whether lobsters ever catch cold or get bored, while they're practising their underwater hobbies of swimming & fishing.
Where did you find it? Interesting read » »
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